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How & Why To Successfully Invite Visitors

Silver Cities BNI currently has thirty members.
And for those of you who haven't been here that long, that's the same number we had exactly a year ago.

To me, it's a mystery as to why we've been stuck right around the 30 mark.  It seems like no matter how often we clear that threshold, we always end up back at the three-zero.

The first thing I would encourage is that we are ideas.  What has worked for your fellow members?
Can someone share an inviting tactic that has worked well for you over the past year?

Well, I think we all put in a great effort telling potential visitors how great of a chapter we are...

  • We're dynamic!
  • We're awesome!
  • We pass a lot of referrals!
  • We have a great close rate on referrals passed!
  • We're really lively for 7 a.m!
  • It's all types of awesome!

Here's the thing:  We're giving them benefits of BNI, but we may not be telling them what's in it for them.  

We need to explicitly tell them how it will benefit THEIR business.  It's about information that's VALUABLE TO THEM.
As members, we know that the room is filled with our sales team.  We show up, tell everyone what we're looking for, and if we do it right, there's a pretty good chance we'll see a referral from it.

And just as important, why should these potential visitors show up?
The key is to make a link between BNI and their business in order to get them here to see us in action.

I have NO DOUBTS that if they show up (and as long as we don't have a crazy amount of absences or subs) that we WILL get some of them to join.

If you do invite someone, give them a deadline.  Tell them you'd like an answer by a certain date and time.
This way, you're in control of the situation and it gives you the opportunity to follow up with them once more.

Ultimately, if they don't want to go...ok...maybe work on the people around them.
No need to harass someone.  We're doing them a favor and it's their loss if they decide not to show.

Either they'll come around, or it's their loss.

Because we know how great this group is...and we also know how good it is for our businesses...

And last but not least, why do you suppose WE should spend the time inviting?

Well, hey, the average person knows 250 people.
If we get five new people in here, you now have sales access to 1,250 people.

Does anyone think they might be able to get a referral out of that?

I thought so.

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